Sovereign Solutions is empowering young enterprises to rewrite the rules of business

We transform maps into powerhouses of information, rich with strategic insights. Our Geographic Information System based solutions levels the playing field for the young and growing enterprises of today, providing them with critical information requirements that drives them ahead of the established players.

We are unmatched in our offering that incorporates GIS solutions with scalable, cloud hosted database management. Our GIS based solutions can be immediately deployed without the effort and risk of having to build a solution ground up. Simple, intuitive user interface makes employee training efficient. With cloud hosted data and reports, risk of losing information with employee departure is minimal.

Our solutions are a combination of products and services that includes data collection, editing tools, storage, search and decision support systems, accessible on many platforms including desktop, web and mobile.
Now entrepreneurs can instantaneously know what’s happening anywhere and everywhere in their business, act on it with confidence and recast their industry paradigms.

Empowering Entrepreneurs

Flattening the Earth for the Enterprising

Democratizing information access
Neutralizing big-tech
Providing granular consumer insights
Speed of access
Multi-mode information

Creating Advantages for the Ambitious

Building efficiencies
Combining multiple requirements
Direct consumer access
Instant information for instant action
Saving time, money and effort

Impacting Every Aspect of Business

Strategy Development
Market Expansion
Network Management
Field force Planning
Logistics and supply chain
Security & Monitoring
Employee Updates

Combining Cutting Edge Technology with Accurate Process

Information is the lifeline of every organization. At Sovereign Solutions, we have a holistic grasp of what organizations seek in the information they receive and how it impacts business processes and decisions. It is with this dynamic perspective that we have built our solutions, technology and platform to reflect accuracy, range and flexibility

  • Our solutions are all-encompassing. They build efficiencies across all functions in an organization. These consist of a combination of cutting-edge information recognition and gathering, contextual GIS, SMART search engine and user-friendly streaming. All of which is high-speed and scalable

  • At Sovereign Solutions, our greatest strength is our ability to identify, source, gather and organize data. We collate vital information from existing records, use existing public infrastructure or by building an information gathering program from scratch. The data is multi-layered, rich with insights and dynamic for constantly evolving strategies.

  • Our unique technology-enabled platform is exhaustive and adaptive. This enables broad based solutions covering Land Administration, Planning and Land Use, Socioeconomic, Natural Resources and Environment, Infrastructure Management, Security and Defence and Monitoring. As well as providing focused solutions covering, Business Intelligence, Emergency Response Systems, Tracking and Monitoring and Security and Alerts

Customising Solutions to Business Goals


Providing GIS based solutions for businesses that are always on the go


Combining the power of GIS and devices for a multi-dimensional perspective


Developing GIS-enabled infrastructure for companies seeking to build long term advantage

Transforming Organizations



Productivity increase



Cost saving



Faster decision making

Change Story

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