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Our GIS enabled solutions empower decision makers across various streams to design effective strategies for their stakeholders redefining the practices of age-old industries through timely and accurate information

Fleet Management

Making fleets efficient, productive and faster. Our world-class fleet management system enables enterprises with varied fleet sizes to achieve business excellence in a timely & cost-effective manner while ensuring safety of drivers and vehicles


  • Vehicle live tracking with Centralized Fleet Management

  • Get smart alerts based on facial recognition for unidentified driver driving your vehicle

  • Driver attendance with location and time stamp

  • Highly intelligent algorithm to optimize transportation route

  • Define your geographical boundaries and receive notifications whenever activities outside predefined areas take place

  • Get alerts when your driver exceeds the pre-defined speed limits

  • Video & GPS playback of any camera from anywhere. Continuous video recording even during an internet connection loss

  • Graphical dashboards representation of KPIs like on-time performance, cost/km, financial reporting etc.

  • Mapping Hubs/ warehouse/Customers/ Fuel refilling stations etc.

  • Monitoring periodic maintenance schedule of vehicles

  • Framework that offers full support to all type of GIS data. Implements functions, problems solver and methods to process, quickly.

  • The database has full integration with GIS core framework. Provides high speed process, load and stability.

  • The full-text search engine, supports multiple languages.

  • Engine built with AI technology, can learn and provide many of function to recognition.

  • Combines hardware management and software low level operation system to support high availability and scalability for storage files.

  • The engine can support big data, can work with GIS data. High availability, scalability and supports real-time processing.

  • The technology can be seamlessly interfaced with existing systems through existing devices.

Skedulomatic Field Force Management

Enabling optimal efficiency of the field force. Our GIS enabled systems provide real-time location, travel and time information about all members of the field force. With planning resources, analytics tools and performance metrics, your team can operate at its highest potential


  • Get real time reporting of your employee/ customer base, directly from the field

  • Get employee's attendance with accurate location & time of punch in/out

  • View nearby competitors, customer & other POIs

  • Plan the team beat routes in advance and save time in the field

  • Review MIS, Performance metrics, KPIs

  • Graphically analyse the daily visit reports/ minutes of meetings

  • At the press of a button, you can add new team members or associates to your system and with the same ease, switch them off when your association ends.

  • Keep an eye on projects and developments you are associated with on a regular basis. Know their progress from any location, simply through our dashboard.

  • Get to know the exact positions of your logistics, sales teams, partners and their staff, besides your own field force, in depth. Convert this knowledge into business strategies that can transform your operational efficiencies significantly.

  • Our field force management solution supports and stores images, videos and alpha-numeric data, collected at streel level. This information can be routinely, amended and edited based on the changing ground realities. Thus, decision makers at regional and head offices receive updated information, laced with uniquely local flavours.

  • Our solution can record and store the activities of all field force team members making it simple and easy for you to verify actions and approve reports or claims.

Network Management

An organization’s success is directly related to the robustness of its network. Our network management tools power business to the next level by providing an extremely granular and detailed perspective of what’s happening on ground.


Remote Employee Management

Sovereign Solutions Remote Employee Management System, REMS, is an effective staff and employee management support tool. Employees are shown directly on the map, making it easier to assign jobs to the nearest team member. The system provides real-time information about the position of team members and the work they are doing, helping organizations to plan their work smarter and more efficiently.


  • Real time monitoring through black box or smartphones via GPS signal and GSM infrastructure provides accurate information on current location, speed & direction, status of employee or device and other relevant information

  • Manage time and save fuel costs by sending alert by SMS, email, or VBD Tracking to smartphones when the vehicle is not traveling at fuel -efficient speeds. Find shorter, less congested routes. Detect improper use of vehicle and get statistics of fuel consumption

  • Visual monitoring of employee journey. Efficient work assignment based on proximity and capability. Improving employee productivity by monitoring and managing employee workplaces

  • Get detailed reports on historic travel itinerary, vehicle audit, downtime, over speeding record, fuel consumption statistics all analysed by different criteria

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