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Enabling optimal efficiency of the field force. Our GIS enabled systems provide real-time location, travel and time information about all members of the field force. With planning resources, analytics tools and performance metrics, your team can operate at its highest potential

Transform your field force into an intelligence force with our field force management solution. Intelligence exists at every level of an organization, especially with the field force, who comb the length and breadth of their territories. However, gathering their collective intelligence and presenting it in a useful form is time-consuming and expensive. Not anymore. with the data collector tool, a part of the filed force management solution from Sovereign Solutions. This is an easy to deploy and use solution, that provides you with extremely granular intelligence, across territories, instantly. The press of a few buttons is all it takes for information to be collected. So easy, that even your delivery person can manage it, on the fly. It can be tailored to suit the needs of your particular industry and functionality. This doubles up as a navigation tool that assists the field force in locating destinations, thereby drastically improving operational efficiencies.

Business is all about timing and chance. A simple and timely alert can make a HUGE difference to your business. The difference between success and failure in business is knowing where opportunities lie and when to tap them. But what if you had access to a field force management solution that alerts you whenever an opportunity passes by? Presenting field force management solution from Sovereign Solutions. An intelligence system that keeps track of your entire business movement and sends your field force reminders and alerts at the most opportune moments to help you grow rapidly. Business reminders ensure your team are always informed of business prospects and leads around them, whenever they are traveling. For example, they get to know if there are channel partners in their vicinity, who has not been contacted for some time. Because when you’re never out of sight and mind, you’re in business! Killing two birds with one stone is now possible! Our timely business alerts update your team about recent developments. So, if a new customer pops up in the vicinity of the team, they’re instantly informed. This is especially useful when payments need to be collected. Team members on collection duty can be notified when another in the neighbourhood is ready for pickup, thus saving time, money and effort.


  • People monitoring

    Get real time reporting of your employee/ customer base, directly from the field

  • Geo Tagged attendance

    Get employee's attendance with accurate location & time of punch in/out

  • GIS mapping

    View nearby competitors, customer & other POIs

  • Travel salesman problem

    Plan the team beat routes in advance and save time in the field

  • Reports and Business Intelligence

    Review MIS, Performance metrics, KPIs

  • Daily Visit Report

    Graphically analyse the daily visit reports/ minutes of meetings

  • Access-Control

    At the press of a button, you can add new team members or associates to your system and with the same ease, switch them off when your association ends.

  • Tracking

    Keep an eye on projects and developments you are associated with on a regular basis. Know their progress from any location, simply through our dashboard.

  • Build Efficiencies

    Get to know the exact positions of your logistics, sales teams, partners and their staff, besides your own field force, in depth. Convert this knowledge into business strategies that can transform your operational efficiencies significantly.

  • Media Rich

    Our field force management solution supports and stores images, videos and alpha-numeric data, collected at streel level. This information can be routinely, amended and edited based on the changing ground realities. Thus, decision makers at regional and head offices receive updated information, laced with uniquely local flavours.

  • Authenticate Reports

    Our solution can record and store the activities of all field force team members making it simple and easy for you to verify actions and approve reports or claims.

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