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Making fleets efficient, productive and faster. Our world-class fleet management system enables enterprises with varied fleet sizes to achieve business excellence in a timely & cost-effective manner while ensuring safety of drivers and vehicles

At Sovereign Solutions, we have a simple way to represent any business operations: All fixed objects are plotted on a map. All moving objects are tracked. The interplay of the above helps in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of plans. Now, everything is tracked. Everyone’s accountable and there’s nowhere for inefficiencies and excuses to hide.

Normal maps are unidimensional, providing simple directions that help you get to your destination. On the other hand, a GIS based map goes beyond directions to provide strategic information at many different levels. From classifying shops, offices and businesses to measuring width of roads, right down to tracking heights of buildings. Everything that’s relevant and can be used is recorded. So, while any location on a regular map is merely a landmark, in our GIS enabled map every point is a rich collection of data, covering location, name, average customers, area, product mix, turnover, employee names, storefront photograph and even includes a virtual tour of the facility. Using a combination of our devices and map-based solutions, a business can elevate its operational efficiencies to the next level. Besides this, organizations can also unlock location information hidden in its database management system in which day-to-day information is stored. This provides invaluable data for planners to develop strategically advantageous business insights. Our all-encompassing solution can help you profile your customers based on multiple parameters such as geography, behaviour and demography. Map your business assets, factories, warehouses, distributors, human resources, outlets and delivery routes and gain unique perspectives on how to utilize them optimally. Develop your strategies real-time and make instantaneous changes during roll-out. Eliminate information lag and sequential planning. When information is multi-fold and multi-dimensional, there’s no reason your profits too shouldn’t multiply.

The building block of all great strategy is a robust data gathering system. At Sovereign Solutions, our greatest strength is our ability to identify, source, gather and organize data. Collecting vital information: Our data-gathering process is multi-pronged and can be moulded to suit local conditions and client needs in the most cost-effective method possible. Data can be sourced from existing records. Quite often, governments and businesses already have a treasure trove of data and information in their system. Our expertise lies in sourcing, analysing, organizing and presenting, this existing information in a ready-to-use format.
Using existing public infrastructure. With our deep understanding of countries, governments and local geographies, we have a repository of knowledge about regions and their existing infrastructure. We use existing public infrastructure such as bus-routes to quickly build extensive on-ground information.
Greenfield information gathering program. In a situation where no data or information exists or if the task is completely new, we have the ability to build, set up and execute a data-gathering fleet in a matter of days.

Our proprietary technology gives you the power to do more. A combination of cutting-edge info recognition & gathering, contextual GIS, Big data processing, SMART search engine and user-friendly streaming. All of which is high-speed and scalable.


  • Real time vehicle tracking

    Vehicle live tracking with Centralized Fleet Management

  • Driver recognition

    Get smart alerts based on facial recognition for unidentified driver driving your vehicle

  • Driver's Geo tagged attendance

    Driver attendance with location and time stamp

  • Route optimization

    Highly intelligent algorithm to optimize transportation route

  • Geo-fencing alerts

    Define your geographical boundaries and receive notifications whenever activities outside predefined areas take place

  • Speed alerts

    Get alerts when your driver exceeds the pre-defined speed limits

  • Video & GPS Playback

    Video & GPS playback of any camera from anywhere. Continuous video recording even during an internet connection loss

  • Business monitoring

    Graphical dashboards representation of KPIs like on-time performance, cost/km, financial reporting etc.

  • GIS mapping

    Mapping Hubs/ warehouse/Customers/ Fuel refilling stations etc.

  • Fleet maintenance

    Monitoring periodic maintenance schedule of vehicles

  • GIS core framework

    Framework that offers full support to all type of GIS data. Implements functions, problems solver and methods to process, quickly.

  • Memory database

    The database has full integration with GIS core framework. Provides high speed process, load and stability.

  • Search engine

    The full-text search engine, supports multiple languages.

  • Image/video recognition engine

    Engine built with AI technology, can learn and provide many of function to recognition.

  • Distributed file system

    Combines hardware management and software low level operation system to support high availability and scalability for storage files.

  • Big data engine

    The engine can support big data, can work with GIS data. High availability, scalability and supports real-time processing.

  • Multi-device play

    The technology can be seamlessly interfaced with existing systems through existing devices.

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